Welcome to Wiesenfeuer!
You may have heard about us from a friend, found us on a web search, saw our displays and demos at the Norman Medieval Fair or any number of local events or schools. Regardless of how you have found us we’re glad you did. Wiesenfeuer is a part of a very unique organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). It’s an international organization dedicated to the researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. The “arts and skills” of Europe (and any people that Europeans had contact with) are far reaching in scope and depth. Arts include everything from making soap or butter to making a catapult or a full set of armor. It includes singing, dancing, calligraphy, weaving, storytelling, playing musical instruments, woodworking.... the list goes on. Anything that was made or done in the Middle Ages or Renaissance is fair game. Skills would include fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, and all manner of games and talents played and practiced in six hundred years of history.

This is not your dry, sit in class and listen history we’re talking about here. It’s roll up your sleeves and dive right in hands on history. Hit your (armored) friends with rattan sticks as hard as you can. Fence like a musketeer or a pirate for honor or booty. Send your cedar shaft (or fiberglass for combat) speeding to hit your target with deadly accuracy like Robin Hood of yore. If you are not into combat or weapons, there is still a great many other things to be done. Learn any number of arts and crafts from people that have developed skills and techniques for making or doing things the way they were centuries ago. Perform fine arts and participate in group competitions. There is literally so much to do and learn that you could spend all your time and never even put a dent in it.

Beyond all the competitions and projects, the royalty and ceremonies, the SCA is at its heart all about having fun. Sure, we do like people to make an effort to play the part, but it’s not all about dressing up and recreating history. The Society is a great place to meet people with similar interests and make new friends. I have friends all over the country now that I met in the SCA. No matter where you go in the United States or many other countries you can find a local group. So come out to one of our events, go to one of our meetings, or contact our Hospitaler or any other officer for more information. And once again, welcome to Wiesenfeuer!

~~Online information for newcomers and those interested in the SCA~~

If you would like to know more about the SCA in general, please visit SCA.org

If you would like to know more about the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Oklahoma and most of Texas) please visit Ansteorra.org

Want to know more about the different types of awards presented in the Kingdom and in the Barony? Click here!

Interested in learning more? Contact our Hospitaler! Their information can be found on the officers page! and they will be happy to answer questions or help you prepare for your first event!

You can also join our mailing list Wiesenfeuer@lists.Ansteorra.org by clicking here.

Words from Their Excellencies

Greetings to the Most Wonderful Populace of Wiesenfeuer!

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses Jason and Margherita, Prince and Princess of Ansteorra!

Summer is here in full force! Be mindful and stay hydrated when out at the various practices/work days scattered throughout the region. Go have fun!

We hope to see you all at A Summer’s Dance this month. On August 13 th at St Augustine of Canterbury in OKC, our very own Cantons, Haldtre and Myrgenfeld are hosting an afternoon and evening full of court dancing! Not sure about those dance moves? No worries, there will be various dance classes throughout the afternoon so you can show off your new skills later that evening after a magnificent feast. Come out and support the Cantons and get your courtly groove on!

Also this month: Pennsic! Have fun to those who are going! The Canton of Chemin Noir has ‘A Big Giant Problem’ on August 6 th . Steppes Artisan Aug 19-21 for more information on what’s going on check out the calendar for an event near you!

What the heck is a Populace Tree? It is a way to show who is camping with the group by displaying your device at the front of our Baronial camp. The plan is for the populace tree to be set up at this coming Diamond Wars, War of Rams (BAM) and next years’ Gulfwar. Those members of the Barony, her Cantons and others who camp with the barony are welcome to add their own person 8x10 devices to the tree and let the knowne world know you are with Wiesenfeuer. The plans for a simple populace tree are in this issue of the Flamebearer so check it out! For our fighters we are going to use 8x10 honor shields as more groups in the Kingdom create Tourney Trees of their own. Stay tuned for an Art & Sciences/work weekend to get the tree started and your device drawn up and painted on your very own honor shield. 

If you don’t have a device registered now is the time to contact our Baronial Herald or his Deputy Baronial Herald. (contact info in Flamebearer) If you have any questions come and ask! I will be more than happy to talk you about this project or any of the other projects on ‘The List’.

Dee and Valia

Baronesses of Wiesenfeuer
Ladies of Haldtre and Myrgenfeld