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Flamme d'Orleans

"The Order of the Flamme d'Orleans of Wiesenfeuer is a non-armigerous level award. It is a combination of service and achievement in the area of Arts and Sciences. This award is given by the Baron and Baroness, generally after a polling of the Order. This award differs in that it is for the Arts and Sciences and showing a level of skill, as well as service is the way a member is chosen. It might be woodworking, leatherwork, illumination or any A&S area. Doing the skill at a high level, teaching that skill, using that skill to provide service to the Barony, and doing these things over a sustained period of time. A side note to this award is that it is named for Master Edward d'Orleans, a past pillar of the Barony and Master of the Laurel." -- Lord Thomas Quillam

Holders of the Flamme d'Orleans

(Previous website did not contain dates of award presentation and are in order of name, not date received)

Alcuin of Argyle

HL Aldric de Kerr

Celeste le Charmonte'

HL Issac Bane

HL Malaki David Dracwin

HE Uriah Wolfstar

Master Daniel Blackaxe

Recipients who received from Elric and Dominique

04/2010   Master Lucais du Belier

04/2010   Mistress Valia of Mare's Mist

04/2010   Master Ciaran MacGiolla Bhighde

Recipients who received from Cassius and Kajira

12/2012   HL Ragan hinn Stilliligr

04/2013   HL Ahlanna a'Becket

Recipients who received from Ciaran and Branislava

12/2013   HL Shanna Camber

12/2014   Katrionna Heather MacLaughlin

12/2015   Deirdre ni Raghailligh

Recipients who received from Deidre and Valia

12/2016 Master Cassius Domitus Lepus

12/2016 Mistress Khayra bint Tahir ibn Rashid