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Golden Beacon

The Golden Beacon is a non-armigerous Baronial award given to those who give their time and knowledge in support of martiallate activities in the Barony through training, armoring, and helping interested people in the Barony.

Holders of the Golden Beacon

Introduced at Yule Revel, December 1st, 2012
By Cassius and Kajira

Premier Recipients of the Golden Beacon

Æthelstan Æthelmearson (Chivalric)
Jean Fernald (Rapier)
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne (Youth & Adult Chivalric)
Rosamund Blaunflur (Youth Chivalric)
William Miesko (aka Bear) (Chivalric)
Aldric de Kerr-December 2013 
from Ciaran and Branislava
Elric Dracwin-December 2015
 from Ciaran and Branislava
Donovan Fitzpatrick-December 2015
 from Ciaran and Branislava
Godfrey of Del April 2017 from Deidre and Valia
Angela Francesca de Nardi December 2017 from Diedre and Valia
Muirenn ingen Chernaig December 2019 from Diedre and Valia (Youth Combat)
Matteo De Genua May 16, 2020 from Diedre and Valia (Seige)
Darian De Shameless June 20, 2020 from Johannes and Muirenn (Rapier)
Oddr Marsson June 20, 2020 Johannes and Muirenn (Chivalric)