Baronial Members

Landed Noblilty - The Baron(s) and/or Baroness(s) that currently hold the local lands in fief.

Baronial Officers - A list of all the current officer and their contact information.

Cantons- Currently subgroups of Wiesenfeuer that we hope to grow into their own strong groups.

Members of our Barony - This is a work in progress, if you do not see your name or award on here, please let the Webminister know so they can update it. It will be cross referenced with Zodiacus.

Populace List in Kingdom OP 
The Ansteorra Roll of Precedence (commonly called the "Order of Precedence" or "OP") is the record of awards and honors given by the Crown. The OP is maintained by a deputy to Star Principal Herald known as Zodiacus Herald.

Attention-The OP List link only pulls names of Kingdom award recipients that have been registered by the person as being a member of Wiesenfeuer. Check out the OP List for the Barony

If your name is not on the list, but you have received a Kingdom award, do a name search. If you have gone by multiple names, then you will need to check all of them (i.e. did you get your AoA when you were 'Frank of Wiesenfeuer' and now you are Faustet le Dubois?)

If you have only received non-armigerous Baronial awards, but not Kingdom awards, then your name will not be found on the Kingdom OP. These lists are found under the awards section of the menu.

If you would like to just review the different award types, recipients, Baronial specific armigerous awards, elevation dates and more, check out the Ansteorra College of Heralds Order of Precedence page!

If you need to make corrections in your name or your Group or if you have questions about missing Kingdom awards, please contact the Zodiacus Herald.