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Baronial Officers

 Badge of Office Office and brief description of role Officer and contact information
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  Landed NoblesInformation under Landed Nobility
  Royal LiaisonMeadhbh inghean Rois

Acts as the legal officer of the group.
Is the liaison between the group and outside entities.
Don Elric Dracwin
Patrick Swanson
12013 Camelot Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
No calls, text, or messages after 10 p please unless it is an emergency that affects the Barony

Accepting Applications

Coordinates heraldic activites in the barony.  Assists the cantons with heraldic activites.  Heraldic activities include voice, ceremonial, submissions, research, display, education, ...  
Officer: Open for Application

The Flamebearer

Writes and publishes the Baronial monthly newsletter The Flamebearer.
HL Lynnette le Long
Leslie Robinson

Accepting Applications

Treasurer of the group.
Balances financial accounts and reports to Regional/Kingdom offices.
Abigail Lylle
Amanda Schaefer
(405) 396-6592 (home)
(405) 639-9702 (cell)
7001 SW 92nd
Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Deputy: Accepting Applications

Arts and Sciences
 Minister of Arts and Sciences

Helps promote and educate members of the populace of historical art forms and science methods.
H.L Etienett De Bitche
Lee Larrison

Accepting Applications

Assists newcomers in obtaining information about the SCA and finding those of similar interests.
Vacant: Cainnear Lylle

Deputy: Estel of Bethesda
Mundane Name: Bethany Martin

Youth Activities
 Minister of Children

Promotes/provides historical education and activities for youth at events.
Lady Liadan of Patrin Or

Accepting Applications

Maintains historical archives of Baronial activities and events.
Officer: Open for Application

Accepting Applications

Monitors and updates the Baronial website.
Lord Donnán Ó Néill -  Open for Applications

Phone: 405-396-6592

Lord Sjoldulfr Hildibjarnarson 
Daniel Bandli

Chivalric Combat
 Knight Marshal

Promotes and trains fighters of the chivalric arts (aka heavy fighting).
Lord Oddr Marsson
Fred Bramhall

Lord Sjoldulfr Hildibjarnarson
Rapier Combat
 Rapier Marshal

Promotes and trains fighters for the rapier arts (aka light fighting).
Lord Darian De Shameless
times to contact (M-F 1100 to 2300 Sat-Sun 1100 to midnight)

Deputy: Marcus von Furth

 Youth Rapier Marshal

Promotes and trains youth fighters for the rapier arts (aka light fighting).
 Open for Application
Archery Marshal

Promotes and trains archers in the art of range and combat archery.
Master Isaac Bane

Deputy: Accepting Applications
Thrown Weapons
 Knife, axe, and spear

Promotes and trains the art of knife, axe, and spear throwing.
Haimric Stormrytter
Daniel Eaton

Accepting Applications
 Siege Marshal

Promotes and trains the art of Siege combat.
Vacant: Open for Application

Accepting Applications
Youth Combat
 Youth Combat Marshal

Promotes and trains the youth in the art of youth combat.
Dalla Hróðmarsdottir
Jessica Bramhall

Accepting Applications
 Equestrian Contact

Contact for information of equestrian activities for the Barony
Vacant: Open for Application

Accepting Applications
 Keeper of the Keys

Keeper of the Baronial shed and inventory not associated with another office.
Meadhbh ingheanRois
Teresa Carr
(405) 226-2220

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