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Landed Nobility

Their Excellencies can be reached at:

Baron & Baroness

Lord Johannes Gunther HL Muireen Cheithernag.
 Jonathan Gunther Angela Gunther
909-229-1870 (4pm-8p only on weekdays) 405-519-6763 (10am-8pm only on weekdays)

 Baronial Retinue The Firewatch
 HL Shanna Camber HL Wilhelm Meis - Captain
 HE Caterina Giovanni de Gilead HL Aldric de Kerr
 Ermergerd Lord Godfrey of Del
 HL Meabdh inghean Rois HL Rainah du Bois
 Lady Ainier of Patrin‐Or Skjoldulfr Hildabjarnarson
 Lady Sainte du Bois HL Ahlanna a'Becket

Past Landed

Here is a list of the past landed nobility for the Barony of Wiesenfeuer.