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Current Champions

Baronial Champions

Chivalric - Torben Ulfbrok

Rapier – Cornealius Meriläinen

Archery – Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson

Knife, Ax, and Spear – Count Romanius Vesperianus

Middle Eastern Dance – Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova

Middle Eastern Drum – Sir Corwin von Xanten

Arts and Sciences – Jeanne Marie Verriere

Bardic – Lynnette le Long

Youth Champions

Youth Chivalric - David of Myrgenfeld

Youth Middle Eastern Drumming - Cainnear Lylle

Children's Middle Eastern Drumming - Steven of Wiensenfeur

Middle Eastern Dance - Lillian of Patrin Or

Youth Bardic - Joseph of Patrin Or

Youth Arts and Sciences - Patrick (Youth Division)

Past Champions coming soon

Middle Eastern Dancing
Middle Eastern Drumming
Arts and Sciences -  Gwenllian Verch Madyn

Youth Bardic - Cainnear Lylle (Youth division)

                        Steven of Wiesenfeuer (Children's division)

Youth Combat
Youth Middle Eastern Dancing
Youth Middle Eastern Drumming
Youth Arts and Sciences - Aeryn Mast (Youth division)

                                             (Children's division)

Youth Subtlties - (Youth division)

                            Zellie (Children's division)