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Current Champions

Baronial Champions

Chivalric - Sir Vladislav Strelec

Rapier – Don Trevor MacRae

Archery – Mistress Adena Terricsdottir

Knife, Ax, and Spear – Fegrog

Middle Eastern Dance – HE Alannah A'Becket

Middle Eastern Drum – HE Donnchadh Beag Mac Griogair

Arts and Sciences – Gwenllian Verch Madyn

Bardic – Arnulf Iron-Skull

Youth Champions

Youth Chivalric –  Sheamus (older division)

                           Adair ap Owen (younger division)

Youth Middle Eastern Drum – Lillian

Youth Middle Eastern Dance – Cainnear Lylle

Youth Bardic - Cainnear Lylle (Youth division)

                        Steven (Children's division)

Youth Arts and Sciences - Aeryn Mast (Youth division)

                                             (Children's division)

Youth Subtilties -  (Youth division)

                            Zellie (Children's division)

Past Champions coming soon

Middle Eastern Dancing
Middle Eastern Drumming
Arts and Sciences

Youth Bardic
Youth Combat
Youth Middle Eastern Dancing
Youth Middle Eastern Drumming
Youth Arts and Sciences
Youth Subtlties