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Current Champions

Baronial Champions
Chivalric— Ozar Svensson
Rapier—Marcus von Furth
Archery— Erick of Wiesenfeuer
Knife,Ax, and Spear— Haimric Stormrytter
Middle Eastern Dance—Laurie Deshotel
Middle Eastern Drum— Karl Thorgeirsson
Arts and Science—Livia da Nicolosi
Bardic—Elspeth Bhoruma inghean Bhrian

Youth Champions
Youth Rapier— Charlotte Danrsdottir
Youth Chivalric—Joseph of Patrin Or
Youth Middle E. Drum—Aryana Broadlick daughter of Tom Broadlick
Youth Middle Eastern Dance— Cainnear Lylle
Youth Bardic— Lucy daughter of Etienne De Saint Amaranth
Youth Arts and Science— Patrick

 To those who are incoming and outgoing champions VIVAT! For all your hard work.

Once a Champion, always a champion!