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Once the weather warms up we will continue practice.  Until then Practice for Archery is on a Hiatus!  Have a GREAT Winter!

Wolff/ Cera ingen Fhaolin

Date, time, location: Every Sunday 6pm-8pm at: 5102 Woodhollow Rd OKC
Check the Barony's Facebook page Sunday around noon for announcements about practice if weather looks iffy.

All archers new and returning are welcome to attend practice. There is limited loaner gear available including bows, arrows, gloves, and arm guards, the collection is slowly growing. Come out and learn to shoot for the first time, or pick the sport back up if you haven't shot for a while. Please remember that practices are subject to Oklahoma's erratic weather, cancelations can occur due to: high wind, rain, below 45 and above 100 degrees. Please check the Barony of Wiesenfeuer facebook page around noon on questionable days to check if practice will be held or not. Not on facebook and never will be? Simply email your archery marshall to let them know and you will be kept up to date via email or text.

Interested in buying your own equipment but not sure where to start? Or want to try your hand at building your own equipment? The best local store is Archery Traditions in Yukon, OK, they have bows, pre-made arrows, gear and supplies for making arrows and are very helpful and nice. Advice from your archery marshal: Love archery and want to excel at it? Owning your own equipment, maintaining it well, and practicing constantly outside of SCA practices are the best ways to increase prowess on the range.

Does combat archery interest you but you're not sure where to start? Want to help out your kingdom at war and events with combat archery, and want to lob arrows at the enemy? Then maybe combat archery (CA) is for you! Your archery marshal is more than happy to help you learn about CA, the equipment needed, and how much fun it is! The archery shed is still working on getting CA equipment for loan and practice but with warning personal equipment can be brought to practice to play with. Learn tips and tricks and helpful hints for the field, how to work with the shield wall, pick your target, and keep your head on a swivel to stay alive longer. Northern Regional Practices are chivalric based and geared toward teaching melee tactics for larger events such as Gulf War and Pennsic and sometimes have CA at them, these practices can be a great place to try out CA in an active fighting situation once you're been introduced to it. The Northern Regional War College Facebook page, is a great way to keep up to date on practices.

Questions? Comments? Happy thoughts?

Send them to your friendly archery marshal today!

Wolff/ Cera ingen Fhaolin