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When, Where: Every Sunday 4-6pm @ 5102 Woodhollow Rd, OKC
       Check the Barony's Facebook page and/or the Firestorm Archers Facebook page a few days before practice to make sure it's happening. Cancellations occur due to poor weather conditions, super muddy conditions, or conflict due to event attendance. Practice is automatically canceled due to rain, greater than 50 or less than100 degrees. I might try something new this year where days practice is canceled due to weather or mud I might offer a work day in it's place where folks can come by and get repairs done or get help making new equipment, this work day would be at my home where my personal and the baronial maintenance equipment is located.

       What to bring: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, please no flip flops, there are ants and a few tiny cacti on the field. I highly suggest no hats with bills and long hair be tied back so neither get in the way when shooting. Bug spray and sunscreen are also highly suggested as well as hydration and a chair for taking breaks.

      If you are not on Facebook and would like updates on practice via email, please email the archery marshal to request that, that address can be found on the officer's page.

      All archers of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to come out. There is loaner gear available for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. If you feel you want to look into getting your own equipment to improve further I am happy to help advise you and accompany you to the local traditional archery store located in Yukon, Archery Traditions of Oklahoma. This store has been a great partner and help to our local populous in their equipment needs.

      I now have 2 nets for the field and am able to set up royal rounds! If anyone is interested in shooting a royal round please let the archery marshal know before hand so the proper paperwork and target faces can be on hand.

Hope to see you on the range!

~Wolff/ Cera ingen Fhaolin