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Date: 3rd Sunday of the month    Time: 2pm-4pm     Place: 5102 Woodhollow Rd OKC

All welcome to come out and shoot at the large range that is setup in NW OKC. We have a new storage shed, so hopefully set up and clean up will not take quite as long. We are also looking to repair or replace some of the loaner gear and acquire children's loaner gear. 

I officially took over just this month and had my first practice July 22 at the baronial workday/missiles practice. Had a blast though it was a tad on the too hot side and only the littles braved the sun to shoot, but they had a lot of fun popping balloons. I took an inventory of the archery shed and it's in rather sad condition. The loaner arrows we have need a huge overhaul and most need repairs of some kind. We have 4 bows, only 2 with strings. I do not yet have the repair kit in my possession so I don't know what's in there but chances are we will need more supplies to fix the arrows. The biggest thing I want to change right away is get new targets. The current targets are traditional grass ones and are meant to be put in one spot and never moved till they fall apart, they are a pain to move and are degrading anyway so I aim to swap them for lighter foam targets and get more target faces as well. In order to be able to bring more people too try archery (main point of practice aside from doing royal rounds), we need more and better equipment. I honestly don't know what the budget is for archery but the changes and improvements that are needed will cost even with me cutting corners and going as cheap as I can, so monetary donations from the populous would be much appreciated.

On the topic of practices, with it being so hot I'm personally not in a rush to go mess around in the heat for about a month, but chances are archery will be held at the same time as thrown weapons since it's the same place, that way those who want to try one or the other can and multiple trips to practices won't be made. Practice may be once a month, may be every other weekend or fluid with respect to events. At the next populous meeting I plan to pose this question, as well as on FB to get people's opinions. Eventually I will have classes that cover whatever the populous wants to learn about, be it arrow making, basic archery repairs, make your own bracer, techniques/styles, maybe even an overview on bow building for the adventurous ones who love elbow grease and lots of it.

That's all I have for now, very happy to be the new archery officer and I look forward to seeing people come out as the temperatures go down and fling some arrows!


Possible changes and cancellations may happen due to conflicts or severe weather, in which the location may be closed for the evening. Updates are announced on the Baronial mailing list and Facebook.

Northern Regional Practices 

Northern Regional Practices are to get us ready for larger events like Gulf Wars and Pennsic. They are put on the the Northern Regional Commander with help from local groups. Please check out their Facebook page for more information.

Next Regional muster is 26th of August Highland Park in Guthrie.

For more information, contact the Baronial Archery Marshall, whose information can be found on the officers page.