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Arts and Sciences

The office is opening and applicants needed for MoAS. Please cc: baronial MoAS, northern regional MoAS, kingdom MoAS, B&B, and baronial Seneschal.

The key idea behind the SCA is learning, promoting, and teaching the 'arts' and 'sciences' or the activities that occurred and the items that were made in the Middle Ages. A&S meetings are a place for people to teach each other the various skills that they have learned.

There typically isn't a cost for the class, although sometimes donations or a charge may be set to offset the cost of high priced materials. Garb (costume) is not worn unless it is necessary for the class.

As needed, A&S night may be replaced or in addition to Baronial work nights, where we make items that are a specific need for the Barony or Kingdom. Meetings are typically scheduled for the second Thursday of each month starting at 7pm at the Camp DaKaNi Nature Center. Directions: Take your best route to the Hefner Rd exit on I-35 and turn west. Camp Dakani is just past Frontier City on the right (north) side of Hefner Rd. You will see Gate 3 first, but continue past it and enter Gate 1. The building straight ahead is NOT the Nature Center. Turn right and follow the dirt road to the other large building. That is the Nature Center. There is limited parking at the Nature Center and overflow parking at the permanent pavillion just down the hill from the Nature Center. There are some ruts, so please be careful when turning or backing. 

Possible changes and cancellations may happen due to conflicts or severe weather, in which the location may be closed for the evening. Updates are announced on the Baronial mailing list and Facebook.

For more information, contact the Baronial A&S Minister, whose information can be found on the officers page.

We have a lot of things currently happening, on the horizon, and just over the horizon, regarding Arts & Sciences, so here is a brief rundown.

Happening soon:
Baronial work and prep day for Red Plains Baronial April 13. 

Red Plains Baronial 2017 - GROUP PROJECTS!
Specialization of labor was one of the defining characteristics of commerce in medieval society. During our period of study, people became really good at doing one thing. Products passed through many hands on their way from raw materials to finished products. Much of our competition centered A&S culture encourages people to abandon this model in favor of a single artisan sheep-to-shawl model that was much less common in period. Let's revive the old ways with some interesting group projects! The rules are simple: Three or more members to a group, each with their own unique role to play in the process. That's it. Feel free as individuals to join up with as many groups as you like. You have a year and a half to come up with ideas, find partners, form groups, organize your projects, complete them and document them. I will have a special prize basket for the winning group, which should be very inspirational. It will include some products of group efforts, including some local honey, beeswax and bee propolis, each of which are the product of a whole hive of bees working together. Any one bee alone would quickly die off, but through teamwork they can make unique things that none of us, and no single one of them, could make.

In service to the dream,
Wilhelm Meis, MoAS

Thank you to any of the people who have taught A&S classes! Projects and classes we have done in the past:

Lanterns with Simon Gof
A look at Tudor clothing
Gate class
A Retinue/Entourage class with HL Rainah du Bois
Making cordials with Thomas de Groote
Heraldic night with Grimolf
Double faced card weaving with Maureen
Silk banner painting with Their Excellencies Mistress Kajira and Master Cassius
Two part brewing class with Lord Miles and Centurion Alexander
Sewing class with Lady Alicia
Painting pavilion poles