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Arts and Sciences

The key idea behind the SCA is learning, promoting, and teaching the 'arts' and 'sciences' or the activities that occurred and the items that were made in the Middle Ages. A&S meetings are a place for people to teach each other the various skills that they have learned. There typically isn't a cost for the class, although sometimes donations or a charge may be set to offset the cost of high priced materials. Garb (costume) is not worn unless it is necessary for the class.

As needed, A&S night may be replaced or in addition to Baronial work nights, where we make items that are a specific need for the Barony or Kingdom. 

Meetings are typically scheduled for the second Thursday of each month starting at 7pm at the 

Our three season location (Fall-Spring) is Camp DaKaNi Nature Center. Directions: Take your best route to the Hefner Rd exit on I-35 and turn west. Camp Dakani is just past Frontier City on the right (north) side of Hefner Rd. You will see Gate 3 first, but continue past it and enter Gate 1. The building straight ahead is NOT the Nature Center. Turn right and follow the dirt road to the other large building. That is the Nature Center. There is limited parking at the Nature Center and overflow parking at the permanent pavillion just down the hill from the Nature Center. There are some ruts, so please be careful when turning or backing. 

Possible changes and cancellations may happen due to conflicts or severe weather, in which the location may be closed for the evening. Updates are announced on the Baronial mailing list and Facebook.

For more information, contact the Baronial A&S Minister, whose information can be found on the officers page.

We have a lot of things currently happening, on the horizon, and just over the horizon, regarding Arts & Sciences, so here is a brief rundown.

Armoring Night

Announcing a weekly armoring night! Thursdays between 530 pm and 700pm at Tandy Leather 6125 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127. At this time we will work together to make or repair armor! For new Chivalric fighters the Barony will provide most materials. I have the tools and equipment to make leather armor, steel splinted armor, and most types of plastic armors. We can work on shields and weapons as well, however materials for these will not be provided. Anyone who is interested in donating time or materials, such donations will always be welcome and very gratefully received!

I am looking forward to helping you, yes you to learn everything you need to armor yourself for combat!

Yours in service,
Lord Cadmus
Knight's Marshal

Happening soon:

Greetings unto the good gentles of our beloved Barony of Wiesenfeuer!  
Thank you to His Lordship Ivo for teaching his girdle books class last month. As several members of the populace were requesting copies of the hand out who were ill last month I will have copies at populace. Please find me before or after the meeting.
Several members of the populace attended our Tunic workshop the following weekend and have measurements and instructions on where to go with their next tunic. I invite each of you to post pictures onto the Baronial Facebook page of your progress.
November's Arts and Science class at Camp Dakani will be on Fiber Identification. Each participant will be given the opportunity to test commonly available fabric samples using basic burning methods, acetone, and bleach. Class will be held at 7:15 pm at the Nature conservatory at Camp Dakani.

The office of Arts and Sciences is looking for a deputy still. If you are interested in helping connect people with those who teach please reach out so we can start your application process.

Our current A&S champion's term will soon draw to a close. Please consider entering in the Baronial Arts and Sciences competition at Yule. There is no specific theme to the competition this year.

In Service to the Dream,
Signora Isabelle de Calais
Minister of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Wiesenfeuer

Thank you to any of the people who have taught A&S classes! Projects and classes we have done in the past:

Lanterns with Simon Gof
A look at Tudor clothing
Gate class
A Retinue/Entourage class with HL Rainah du Bois
Making cordials with Thomas de Groote
Heraldic night with Grimolf
Double faced card weaving with Maureen
Silk banner painting with Their Excellencies Mistress Kajira and Master Cassius
Two part brewing class with Lord Miles and Centurion Alexander
Sewing class with Lady Alicia
Painting pavilion poles