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Arts and Sciences

The key idea behind the SCA is learning, promoting, and teaching the 'arts' and 'sciences' or the activities that occurred and the items that were made in the Middle Ages. A&S meetings are a place for people to teach each other the various skills that they have learned. There typically isn't a cost for the class, although sometimes donations or a charge may be set to offset the cost of high priced materials. Garb (costume) is not worn unless it is necessary for the class.

As needed, A&S night may be replaced or in addition to Baronial work nights, where we make items that are a specific need for the Barony or Kingdom. 

We meet at Natural Grocers at 7013 N. May Ave every Thursday evening from 7-9.

For more information, contact the Baronial A&S Minister, whose information can be found on the officers page.

We have a lot of things currently happening, on the horizon, and just over the horizon, regarding Arts & Sciences, so here is a brief rundown.