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Chivalric Combat

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 7pm-9pm

Place: Sellers Recreational Center 8301 S Villa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

SCA Chivalric Combat or heavy weapons fighting is a fighting style based on the Medieval ideal of the Knight. All SCA combat is real and unchoreographed. The weapons are made of rattan and are under strict Society and Kingdom guidelines, which can be found here (as well as authorization forms and links to all marshallate activity handbooks for Kingdom and Society.  A donation of $2 per person per session is encouraged for use of the indoor facility.

Loaner gear is available, just bring your athletic cup. We have items to outfit several fighters at once! For new visitors who want to explore Chivalric fighting, you can come watch and/or ask questions. If you want to dive into the experience of fighting we have loaner armor, weapons, and shields for you to try out. We have plenty of experienced fighters that can teach you a few things about how it feels to fight in armor. Please no black soled shoes.

Possible changes and cancellations may happen due to conflicts or severe weather, in which the center may be closed for the evening. Updates are announced on the Baronial mailing list or Facebook.  

Combat scenarios range from 1:1 tourney style up to 600 vs 600 war melees! Check out the event ad and/or website to see what type of fighting scenarios are being done at the event so you are ready. 

(Typically is 1:1 tourney style unless it is a war or melee event)

Introductory Activity

Our first introductory activity is making archery arm bracers and gorgets. This will run concurrently with our local archery and thrown weapons practices on October 1 from 11am-2pm. Please RSVP by September 23rd to ensure there will be enough materials for you to take home your project(s). Please see location on the archery page.

Northern Regional Practices 

Northern Regional Practices are to get us ready for larger events like Gulf Wars and Pennsic. They are put on the the Northern Regional Commander with help from local groups. Please check out their Facebook page for more information.

Saturday, February 25 at 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM 8500 Fern Mountain Rd, Muskogee, OK

This will be our final pre-war practice. Please come out and share your knowledge and skill. The site has approximately 4 acres to roam on. Combat Archery and Siege Combat are welcome. There is indoor space for non-combatants and projects are welcome.

Damon also mentioned C&T being welcome, I'm thinking that means he wants to explore that combat form. A few C&T fighters should consider coming out and working with others that might be interested in picking up a new passion.

Much thanks to Damon for offering his home and land for this effort!

Authorization cards

Need a replacement? Click here to print or have your fighter authorization card e-mail to you.

Has yours expired? Contact an authorizing marshal, but go ahead and take the forms with you, just in case they don't have any!

Temporary authorization & Authorization submission form

Authorization form must be submitted to the Marshallate Secretary.

For more information, contact the Baronial Knight's Marshal, whose information can be found on the officers page.