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The Treasurer or Reeve is in charge of the group's bank account. The financial committee is a group of people that consist of:  The Landed Noble(s), the Reeve, the Seneschal, and up to two of the populace that have turned in applications and taken a financial warranting class. They, as a group, decide on non-budgeted expenses every month after the officer's meeting. If you wish for a potential expense to be discussed by the financial committee, please submit the paperwork to the Reeve at least 7 days before the meeting in order to be listed on the agenda. 

If you wish to sit a gate shift, there is are usually quick classes that are available, please contact the Reeve for more information.

Financial Forms

Expense Approval - I want to spend money and need to get it approved. This form is submitted before you spend money so that you can get approval so that you can get reimbursed.
Officers - use this for items that you want without using your budget. Special purchases, etc.

Check Request - I have spent money and I would like to be reimbursed. This is for any reimbursement. Officers budgeted expenses, event and feast expenses, etc.
If your expense was not a budget officer expense or was not preapproved, then the financial committee is only able to reimburse up to 50% of the expense. Make sure to submit an Expense Approval form first.

Check Advance - I want to spend the Barony's money and not my own. This is for expenses that you do not want to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement. You will need an estimated cost for the items. 
You must use this form for any expenses in December. No checks will be written in December.

The files are located below.
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