Johannes & Muirenn - Introduction

Unto Their Stellar Majesties Sven Randullsson III and Cristyana Lambrecht, Their Royal Highnesses Jason Drysdale III and Margherita de Mantua III, Their Excellencies Valia of the Mists and Deirdre Ni' Raghailligh, and the populace of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer, do Honorable Lady Muireen Cheithernag and Lord Johannes Gunther send warm greetings. 

This letter represents our intention to step forward for consideration as candidates for Baron and Baroness of Wiesenfeuer. This Barony has been our home for 8 years, and we believe that the joy and fulfillment of the populace’s individual pursuits within the society are crucial to maintaining the health of the Barony. If chosen, we aspire to enlarge and enhance the Baronial family, holding group encampments at large events as well as encouraging Arts and Sciences nights and additional fighter practices in all fields for the Barony and our Cantons. 

Johannes has found fulfillment in heavy combat, service, and pursuit of various Arts and Sciences. As a squire to Sir Wilhelm Von Buch he has fought with his fellows as an honorable member of the Ansteorran army. He is a talented artisan who has been recognized for his armoring and costuming. He has served the Barony with his skills in armor repair, and for this service he received a Flint and Steel. He also assists in the training of the Barony’s youth. He feels that an organized fighting unit is invaluable and wants to support and encourage the Baronial unit. Due to his mundane experience as an Air Force NCO, he is adept at leading and organizing large teams of personnel. 

Muireen is an artisan and a leader in the Kingdom’s Youth Combat movement. She is a Protégé to Mistress Beatrix Alfray, but this relationship alone is not why she serves. She is passionate about the youth of our kingdom. She has served as Youth Marshal at the Baronial and Regional level and is now the current Kingdom Youth Marshal. While not currently fighting, she has spent time on the rapier field and was awarded the Asha Rosa. 

We believe that children are the future of our society. Having a preteen ourselves (Steven, age 11) we understand how important it is to have opportunities that allow youth to develop themselves and find the same fulfillment their parents do. We will promote their inclusion in the arts and sciences, expand Youth Combat, and develop opportunities for them to serve. With the help of many, Steven has become an independent member of Wiesenfeuer in his own right and we want every child to have the same opportunities. 

We hope to use these skills to the fullest extent of our abilities. As Baron and Baroness, we would strive to lead by example in courtesy and service and be a positive representation of the Crown and Kingdom of Ansteorra. 

Pray know that we remain your humble servants, 

Lord Johannes Gunther Honorable                     Lady Muireen Cheithernag

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